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Mortgage Stress Calculator is a Broker Kit initiative. Broker Kit is a marketing, branding, social media, content and lead generation platform for Mortgage Brokers in Australia.

“We are dedicated to assisting all Australian borrowers in obtaining a better mortgage deal.

Broker Kit matches people like you, who are looking for a better financial outcome, with brokers on of our platform. Brokers can then provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions, paving the way to reach your financial objectives more rapidly.

The mortgage stress calculator platform is entirely free to use and should you wish to talk to a broker, we will seamlessly connect you, so you can find a suitable lender and loan, saving both time and money.

We collaborate with a variety of reliable lender partners, ranging from some of Australia’s largest banks to independent mortgage brokers.

As a platform crafted to thrive when our customers and lenders flourish, we invest significantly in the quality of lenders and brokers we cooperate with and how we link them with customers.

Broker Kit also provides mortgage brokers across Australia the opportunity to expand their business with minimal entry barriers, irrespective of their size or location within Australia.

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The Broker Kit team is enthusiastic and devoted to ensuring all Australians have access to the most suitable home loan for their individual needs.